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Whether your job is managing other people or just yourself, it can be stressful. Items in your mind without organization create problems and stress. But, we as managers get paid to get work done through others. The following are things that help our productivity as managers or individuals.

One thing that minimizes stress for a manager is to write a list of projects to be completed. Often, we do not write to do’s because we believe they are a waste of time. But these uncompleted commitments exhaust mental energy, with each one making one incrementally more tired and less productive. You can be more productive and less tired by moving your commitments into a trusted electronic system (for instance). You can encourage your subordinates to do the same thing and expect the same results. The point is, do a brain dump somehow.

Another productivity tip for managers is to carry out a dreaded task first. Each of us probably has tasks on our list that we dread. We often push this task back until the next day, and then the next until it becomes a massive project that one does not want to start. If one completes that task the first thing in the morning, it will help motivate one for the rest of the day.

A third productivity tip for managers is to shut down distractions such as emails, visitors, and phone calls. Technology is great, but if used incorrectly, it can make it nearly impossible to keep the focus needed to work effectively and efficiently. One needs to realize that he/she can and should control that technology. Shutting down distractions goes hand-in-hand with maintaining a schedule of planned activities to the extent possible. You can mute the ringer on your phone and mute your email alerts. Turn off Facebook and Twitter and, if possible, isolate yourself.

A final productivity tip for a manager is to delegate. Realize that you are probably a manager because someone thought you knew how to delegate. Remember that everything in life that needs doing does not need doing by you. Look over your list and decide what tasks you could delegate. This will allow you to focus on what needs your attention.