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Everyone is at risk of burnout, no matter their position. However, entrepreneurs are notorious for running themselves into the ground, causing severe mental and physical health issues that are hard to come back from. Burnout is a big one, and it can cause you to lose motivation, leading to excessive mistakes and bad decisions that can hurt your company. To avoid getting burnt out while running your business, try following these tips.

Set Boundaries

A big reason why entrepreneurs struggle with burnout is a lack of boundaries. Many entrepreneurs work from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. Some even let their work interfere with their sleep, causing them to shorten sleeping hours or wake up throughout the night just to work. One major boundary every entrepreneur needs to set is sleep time. When you’re getting ready for bed, turn off your phone or place it across the room to make it inconvenient to get to. It is very rare that a text, call, or email can’t wait until the morning for a response. Getting used to this routine may take time, but it will help a tremendous amount in the future.

Additionally, entrepreneurs should set boundaries that allow them time off throughout the week. Even an hour of free time each day will do a lot of good. Spend this time with friends and family or watch a show on Netflix. Find something you can do that allows you to fully decompress, and you’ll feel much better when you get back to work.

Prioritize Your Health

Taking care of your health encompasses many activities. Exercising, eating nutritious meals, drinking water, and sleeping are the daily things you should do to take care of your physical health. In addition, going to the doctor on a regular schedule is important, too. Don’t sacrifice any of these things for your work. You can always complete that report tomorrow or reschedule a meeting, but you can’t put off the effects of poor health.

Physical health isn’t the only thing you need to take care of; mental health is also important. Being an entrepreneur is incredibly stressful. You’ll need to find positive ways of coping, whether that be on your own or with a professional. Either way, make sure to prioritize taking care of your mental health, or negative feelings could creep up on you.

Step Away

Everyone needs a break from their work for a few days. As an entrepreneur, it is essential that you take time away to solely focus on relaxing and having fun. Make sure to take at least a week off each year, although 2-4 weeks is preferable. Do not do any work while you’re away. If you’ve filled your company with trustworthy people, it will survive while you’re gone.

Taking care of yourself is the only way to avoid burnout. Every entrepreneur needs to prioritize the areas above to ensure they enter work every morning feeling great.