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Millennials have taken much abuse from the different generations making up our society. Millennials, because they think differently than other age categories, require a different style of thinking by management. The following are several ways millennials (Gen Zs) can be motivated.

The first way to better work with Gen Zs is to create meaningful work and feedback on that work. Gen Zs want to give back to the community and engage in social programs. In fact, 84 percent of Gen Zs say a workplace sense of community is important when they choose their job. Gen Zs do not work well with theory X managers, because they want to know why they are doing the work. Gen Zs should be given daily feedback to realize they are doing well.

A second way for managers to be effective with Gen Zs is to avoid micromanaging. Gen Zs believe they can and should be a part of the solution. They want to find solutions for themselves, not be given the answer. When possible, a manager of Gen Zs should allow this exploration. The manager needs to make sure his/her employees know where they can find support if they need it. Gen Zs thrive when their supervisors/managers resemble coaches instead of their boss.

A third way for managers/supervisors to be effective with Gen Zs is to respect and embrace technology. A manager should realize Gen Zs communicate with the world digitally. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and Email. This means managers and marketers should support an online and social media presence for the company. If not, Gen Zs think your business is out of touch and not with the times.

Last, managers and supervisors should realize Gen Z leads the charge towards diversity and inclusion. Since Gen Z easily senses false accolades, it is better for management to be genuinely on board with diversity and inclusion. Because Gen Zs have lived through changes in American culture, they believe change should come easily. Gen Zs also prioritizes face-to-face contact, likely because they value effectiveness over convenience. Therefore, supervisors need to connect with Gen Zs, regardless of race, religion, or sexual preference.