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Delegating is something that can be difficult when you don’t think the person to whom you’re giving a new responsibility has the skills to do a good job. Sometimes it’s hard because there’s a sense that your role in the organization or on a project will be diminished. Regardless of the reason for not delegating, it can be a serious problem.

Just like there are people that don’t like to delegate, there are also those that delegate too often. It should not be a way of unloading work because you don’t want the responsibility. Let’s take a look at different ways to know when it’s time to delegate.

Efficiency Initiatives

Sometimes there is a mandate in an organization to increase efficiency. When this is the case, it’s necessary to develop a strategy for achieving that goal. In many situations, there is an opportunity to delegate critical responsibilities. If you examine a mandate to boost productivity and recognize there it is virtually impossible for you to achieve the desired outcomes, you should consider delegating tasks based on the capabilities of individual team members. Doing so can prevent burnout that’s often caused by taking on too many responsibilities.

Untapped Talent

When there is a leader on a team that feels pressured to produce and threatened by new talent, it can prevent them from delegating. If this is an issue, it should be addressed because failure to do so can significantly diminish outcomes. It’s worth noting that often, these feelings are valid and the result of poor leadership techniques that impart fear. When you have team members with untapped talent, it’s important to delegate for the health of the organization. You give others a chance to shine, which can result in remarkable operational improvements.

Organizational Change

When embarking upon a business initiative for the purpose of effecting change, delegating is critical. Not doing so can sometimes be the very definition of insanity because it often means doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Delegating should always be a consideration because it’s one of the best ways to build the capabilities of others while also getting critical work done. Being able to delegate effectively is a good skill to have.