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If you’re starting a business or building a profitable new idea, bringing everything into efficient tasks can be a challenge.

There is so much to do, and there’s a best time for everything. Timetables, dependencies, and barriers best left for another time can slow down the big picture.

Why waste additional time figuring out what to do next? With these to-do apps, you can take control of juggling great business ideas and their tasks.


Omnifocus is a power user-capable task manager that works best on OSX and iOS. You can perform tasks in Sequential format–meaning you can’t complete 2 or 3 if you don’t finish 1–or to-do list format depending on how you prefer to get things done.

You can also use a Parallel format, allowing you to list the items in order, but without having to complete the previous task. You can sync your tasks across any OSX or iOS devices, making it easier to complete and manage tasks on the go or if you need to stick to your more powerful workstation.

A Mail Drop feature allows you to send your tasks via email to give you a bit of flexibility beyond the Apple family of products, so don’t worry if you’d rather stick to a non-Apple email.


Todoist is more of a lightweight list app. It uses some fairly simple language processing to remember certain phrases, such as “buy tomatoes Wednesday” giving you an easy “buy tomatoes” shortcut to use later.

You can create templates based on a new way to work through issues that fit your mental map, or use templates from someone else that seem like a good idea.

Hyperlinks and text formatting works in Todoist, allowing internet forum/HTML-like editing for your lists. Breaking up whitespace and adding differences in your text matters, and giving yourself bold or italics along with other features can help you mentally scan your lists easier.


Habitica brings gamification to lists–and it’s been around longer than a lot of the popular list systems!

Formerly HabitRPG, Habitica helps people stick to their lists by making a game out of it. There’s a big reason for adding games and other attention-grabbing systems to your lists: list abandonment.

Just like gym memberships after New Years, people abandon list systems for no particular reason. For some, it doesn’t matter how good a list system is; something in their life grabs their attention, and they simply forget what they were doing.

Habitica will stick to your mind, but don’t worry about games getting in the way. There is a simple list system that doesn’t have to work with the game format.

There are many other ways to make your business planning–or any tasks–more efficient. Get in touch with a planning and project management professional to find out more.