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When managing your business, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by challenges without the right preparation. Luckily, there are many free options that new entrepreneurs can use, making their work frictionless and productive.

These tools will remove many unnecessary problems and decisions from your routine, so you can focus on the few things that matter.


Many of us start businesses because we want to achieve freedom. Even though entrepreneurs seem to have many choices, there are plenty of factors that don’t depend on us. Projects use to take longer because of unpredictable events, especially when working with other people.

There is nothing more frustrating that doing work and being interrupted with delays. Calendly will help you to organize your activities to know how to be in the right place at the right time.

Your calendar can save a lot of stress at work. Take fifteen seconds to jot down the next event, so you don’t need to worry about it for days.


Entrepreneurs cannot solve problems effectively when their focus is diversified among many unessential activities. Do you feel overwhelmed by meaningless activities that still need to be done?

Consider using Upwork as the best freelance website to outsource your auxiliary tasks. You will find great professionals who will help you with delegating your activities, making your routine lighter.

It is smart to outsource most tasks to focus on the most important ones, whether it is product creation or marketing.


Once you have organized and outsourced tasks, you should increase your productivity at work to get the expected results. How can you stay focused when having interruptions every few minutes?

An inexpensive way to protect your work time is to use the MailChimp autoresponder. Whenever you receive a message requesting your attention, people will get a bounce-back email, asking them to contact you after work.

MailChimp is a fundamental tool when creating email sequences to interact with your customers, from brand awareness to sales conversions.


Sometimes, the best way to catch people’s attention is to make your proposition look as attractive as possible. If you make a good product also look amazing, people will be more likely to interact with it.

Canva is a popular design tool that anybody can use, adapting to any purpose: advertising templates, posters, opt-in pages, packaging design, banners, and website themes.