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If you work for yourself, you already know or will learn it is difficult to keep a sustainable work schedule. This schedule needs to let you achieve your goals but not feel overworked, and you will thrive by creating such a schedule. The schedule needs to be sure and consistent. Remember that simply because you can work any time does not mean that you should just work when you feel like it.

Specify a Timeframe for Your Work.

Specify when to begin work and how long you will work. This will help provide structure, which provides motivation and creates a distance between your personal life and your work life. Specify the time to begin work, but also specify how long your workday will be. For instance, you could say your workday begins at 10 AM and goes through 4 PM. You should break the workday into sections. But, once completed, enjoy your time off by making the most of it.

Schedule Your Days off.

When you are working for someone else, they give your days off to you. But when you work for yourself, you have the flexibility to schedule your days off around your work. It is easy to take hours off here and there, but when you are self-employed, you can take complete days away from work. These off days give your body and brain time to rest and you will be more productive when you work.

Be Realistic About What You Can Complete.

It is your business, and it is easy to overestimate what you can accomplish. Understanding what is realistic to do in a day helps one plan better and not “burn out”. For example, if you have a tree trimming business, you should or should have already timed yourself or your workers doing common tasks. It is easier to plan work when you understand the time required to do it.

Work When You are the Most Productive.

Know yourself and when you are the most productive. Early risers are most productive in the morning, but others are more productive in the evening. You should know yourself well enough to know when you do your best work. And if you are a manager of people, you should know their best times also.