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It’s a common misconception that nothing good comes out of anything cheap. This is not always the case when starting a business, as many people have started on shoestring budgets. Some people buy all of their equipment with $100 or less. Others work within their own homes or start cheap websites. The following are several ideas for people looking to run good, affordable businesses.

Lawn Care

A lawn care business is cheap to start but very lucrative in the end. The average commercial lawn mower costs over $1,000 to start. Including a few more lawnmowers and leaf blowers will cost a few thousand dollars. But a company that mows two lawns per day at $30 per lawn can earn $420 every week.


Some women are self-employed by running salons that provide hair and nail care services. They can run the salon within their homes or rent cheap offices at $200 to $500 per month. For every customer, they earn an average of $50 to $100. If they work on three customers, they can earn $300 in one day, which will pay one month’s rent. Many professionals require that the clients bring their own supplies or they buy cheap supplies at the store, such as nail, hair, and makeup products.

Daycare / Babysitting

Taking care of children is more of a physical and emotional issue than a financial one. Some people run daycare services out of their own homes, while others provide their own transportation to their clients’ homes. In any case, their profits will significantly exceed their weekly or monthly expenses.


More people are working as “amateur taxi drivers” to supplement their incomes. The driving part is easy, and they decide when and where to work. The only investment they need is their own vehicle along with gas and annual auto maintenance. A driver can make $30 to $100 on good days while paying less than that amount on gas.

Even people with jobs are in states of desperation. They’re finding out how difficult it is to earn a living with increasing costs for gas, food, healthcare, etc. Many people want to start their own businesses but automatically assume that it’s expensive. In reality, there are countless ways that they can start lucrative businesses on the cheapest budgets.