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Keeping up with business trends is an important part of ensuring that your company stays relevant and prosperous through every twist and turn of market preferences. However, keeping up with the trends can prove challenging. Luckily, business experts and leaders have broken down what they believe to be the trends that will rule business in 2020


Increase in Personalized Services

From meal delivery kits for your preferred diet to curated style boxes, personalized services have been picking up momentum. In 2020, personalization will become even more popular, as more consumers begin to value the convenience and feeling of received individualized and unique services. 


AI Falls (slightly) to the Wayside

In 2019, there was a lot of noise surrounding the use of AI technology by businesses. To some business pessimists, AI represented the end of the human worker. However, experts are quickly pointing out that customers still highly value a more human approach to customer service. In 2020, the AI trend shifts from takeover to partnership, with people working in tandem with the tech to give customers the best experience possible. 


Reviews to Make a Big Impact

A recent survey found that 92% of people hesitate to buy a product or service if there are no reviews. This makes sense considering how flooded many markets are with variations of the same product or service. As a customer, you want to make sure that what you spend your money on is only the best of the best, so therefore you rely on reviews. In 2020, you’ll want to make earning positive reviews a priority for your business.


Emphasis on Employee Culture

More and more do we see that happy employees make all the difference between successful and unsuccessful businesses. If you believe that the making of a happy employee is a high salary, you’d be wrong. 2020 will see businesses prioritizing their employees in a way that emphasizes their value to the company and what they bring to the table. Happy employees are those that feel valued and important to the people they work with and for. 


Big Data

For a while now, big companies and corporations have ruled the game of big data. Now, analytics applications are hitting the market. This will give small businesses the same access to the data large companies have been using to attract and hook customers. With that said, it is important to remember there are strict and ever-changing guidelines revolving the use of data. Make sure to know the laws before you start using it to ensure it doesn’t cause a problem.