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For entrepreneurs with a keen taste and quest for success, information is highly essential. They have to rely on accurate, reliable, and updated information from credible sources. In addition to online media, entrepreneurs have the option of reading from the wide range of publications, such as books and magazines, which have been offered by successful business persons. Here is a list of books that every entrepreneur should endeavor to read.

‘The Effective Executive’ by Peter Drucker

This book explores more on what makes an effective executive in any business. According to the author, there are five major attributes that can determine a business’s effectiveness, including the ability to manage time, the ability to make accurate decisions, strategic planning, the setting of the right priorities, and the ability to multitask and combine a set of actions to facilitate organizational success.

‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’ by Clayton Christensen

This book is authored by an outstanding professor from Harvard University and delves more in the topic of innovation in businesses. To facilitate success, according to the author, businesses must think of innovation in order to successfully maintain a grip of their market. The author particularly advocates for the application of disruptive technology in business as the right incentive to encourage research and innovation.

‘Benjamin Franklin’ by Walter Isaacson

This is a classic business literature that every aspiring entrepreneur should endeavor to read. The authoritative book focuses on a case study of Benjamin Franklin with the vital lessons derived thereof applicable in every entrepreneur’s daily life. The 21st-century innovator, businessperson, scientist, and politician helped change the country through some top-notch problem-solving way of thinking. The success of Benjamin Franklin is a great incentive for every business person to thrive amidst challenges, just like Franklin did.

‘As a Man Thinketh’ by James Allen

 James Allen has authored a self-help book that focuses on outlining the importance of positive thinking in every entrepreneur’s life. The captivating publication advises on practices and methods that can bring about transformation in an entrepreneur’s world of business. The extent of success in entrepreneurship, according to the author, is confined by the personal ideologies encased in the mind. According to James Allen, as an entrepreneur thinks, so is the extent of his or her success.