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Successful entrepreneurs are constantly learning and improving the value of their time, which is why many podcasts have received a massively positive reception. These programs can save time and improve your perspective as an entrepreneur.

We will go over the three most highlighted programs created by world-class entrepreneurs.

The Tim Ferris Show

Most entrepreneurs have heard of this podcast because of its high-quality content. The Tim Ferriss Show focuses on decoding the most successful entrepreneurs’ minds, exploring all the topics that can create a massive change among aspiring entrepreneurs.

Multiple online magazines rate The Tim Ferris Show as the leading business-education podcast, as many users have confirmed with more than six thousand five-star reviews and over 400 million downloads.

From investing to biohacking, Tim Ferris has collaborated with global experts such as Peter Thiel, Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio, Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, and Malcolm Gladwell.

Along with the interviews, The Tim Ferris Show includes innovative content that subscribers may be unaware of. Tim is constantly experimenting in multiple fields: accelerated learning, exercising, productivity habits, cryptocurrency, smart supplements, or passive income, among others.

The Ed Mylett Show

Ed Mylett shares the secrets that top performers use to reach their potential, achieving the greatest possible form of success. As a half-a-billion net-worth entrepreneur, Ed Mylett constantly makes collaborations with other entrepreneurs, uploads unique training videos on YouTube, and shares his journey as the CEO of a Fortune 100 organization.

In this podcast, entrepreneurs can learn how to develop a successful mindset, maximize their energy, and leverage their time to become elite performers.

Apart from managing a large organization, Ed Mylett is a conference speaker at entrepreneur-related events, author of the #MAXOUT book, and mentors entrepreneurs to achieve a higher level of success.

The London Real Podcast with Brian Rose

London Real is a must-have podcast for those who want to learn from the world outliers in business, economy, trading, politics, science, and sports.

In London Real, the host Brian Rose uses a holistic approach to interview these characters, understanding their mindset and creating practical guidelines, so other entrepreneurs can achieve the same thing.

These extended documentary-films form a clear idea of the transformation process of each entrepreneur.