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Management techniques may vary across industries and may even be tailored for specific employee roles. While some managers adopt a particular school of thought, others are approaching leadership in a new way. Understanding the personality of individual employees is quickly becoming one of the most popular leadership techniques. In the past decade, a shift in management styles has trended away from business profits or production and directly onto the workforce. There are multiple benefits to understanding your employee’s personalities.

Employee Development

Managers cannot assume that an employee will begin working at the company right after school and stay in the same seat until retirement. Employee development is an important tool for workforce planning. You may be training up the next manager of Business Operations, or you may be grooming the new IT specialist. Recognizing talent will help managers plan their team and even prepare for upcoming turnover. The only effective way to recognize talent is to understand employees on a personal level.

Effective Feedback

Another benefit of understanding employee personalities is that you can provide tailored and effective feedback. Communication is the only way to understand another human being, and this is even more impacting in the workplace. Good managers know how an employee likes to be praised, corrected, and instructed. Effective leaders also ask for and consider feedback from employees. Some employees prefer to provide responses in private while others are comfortable giving feedback in a public forum such as a town hall. It is important for managers to understand the personalities of their employees so they can extract the most accurate feedback.

Receiving Input

Managers should be the role model for employees by asking for feedback from subordinates and peers. It is not necessarily mandatory for all feedback to be incorporated, but it is vital that suggestions and input from employees are seriously considered. Employees that feel valuable become empowered to make positive changes. Leaders must ask for input from their staff in order to gauge the direction of company growth. If everyone is on the same team, they should all be moving in the same direction. Evaluating the personality of employees on the team will help management determine whether everyone understands the mission and vision of the company as a whole.