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As multiple states across the country begin to loosen up business restrictions, the question now is whether or now business leaders will be prepared for it. This in regard to keeping their employees and customers safe from COVID-19. To help your business be better prepared for the reopening of the economy, here are four policies businesses should implement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assign COVID-19 Leaders

The reality of this matter is that you simply can’t handle the pre-planning stage yourself. It is in the best interest of your staff and the public to have multiple coordinators assisting you through the process. This may consist of your managers or even your top employees. The goal here is to make sure that all areas of the plan are covered and being followed through.

Identify Essential Employees & Business Functions

Although many states are allowing companies to reopen for business, many of them are still requiring them to follow a certain set of rules. For example, the rule of having ten employees or less within a single space is still in effect in most states. Therefore, you should identify first who your essential employees are. This will allow your business to remain functional while keeping in line with state laws.

Set a Business Continuity Plan

These are very uncertain times, and thus you should be prepared for them. One of the more realistic events that may happen as you open back up for business is a disruption in your supply line. You should have back up manufacturers on stand by as well as a clear line of communication with your current manufacture in the event that issues arise. Other issues you might come across are the event that one of your employees tests Positive for COVID-19. You should have a plan in place to handle this matter as well.

Implement Training Amongst Your Staff & Customers

When your employees begin to come back to work, things might be confusing in regards to taking care of their health as well as the product. Therefore, before any customers are allowed into your business, you should hold a COVID-19 training session for them. This should include detailed and clear instructions regarding contact with customers and products. You should also make it a point to create signs that inform customers on just how they should interact with staff and other customers.

These are certainly unprecedented times for business owners. However, by following their state laws and making sure staff is well informed, the process should become that much easier over time.