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Entrepreneurship is a difficult lifestyle to adjust to, as many entrepreneurs have to give up things outside of work in order to fulfill their duties. However, there are a few healthy life habits that every entrepreneur should add back into their routine to improve their life and set them up for success. Once you’ve started to get the daily operations of your business under control, make sure to start adding following habits to your life.

Learn Something New

Learning is a polarizing topic. Some people love learning and see a lot of value in continued knowledge. Others may shy away from learning, due to past negative experiences. Learning is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, however, as it can allow them to continue developing their personal and professional skills. Learning might even have significant positive impacts on the future of the business.

To start, identify something you wish you knew or that you want to improve. For example, an entrepreneur that hates public speaking should practice it regularly to hone the skill. Language learning is another popular skill that can help with business endeavors. Even learning to draw could be beneficial, if only for the stress relief it provides. Regardless of the skill, make sure to set a plan for yourself that will make learning easier. This plan could be as simple as a calendar event for a class, or it could be as complex as a full curriculum with due dates. Either way, it will help you stay on track with your continued education. After some time, evaluate the impact of learning. You’ll likely see that it has improved your life and career in one way or more.

Break a Sweat

Exercise is an essential part of remaining healthy, but it also functions as a stress-relief method and can provide additional focus throughout the day. At some point during the day, block out time to run, lift weights, do yoga, or even take up martial arts. How you get your exercise in doesn’t matter; what matters is getting your heart pumping and helping your body grow stronger.

Read Regularly

While learning may involve reading, reading for fun is also a great pastime that helps your brain stay sharp. Although many famous entrepreneurs enjoy reading nonfiction, reading fiction can also have its benefits. Utilizing the imaginative part of your brain can help you stay creative at work. Many people also find reading to be relaxing, so it could be a great tool to add to your pre-sleep routine.

Successful entrepreneurs know that there is much more to life than working. If you’re ready to add in some useful and enjoyable activities to your daily schedule, make sure to start with these three.